Wedding Photography Do’s and Don’ts

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Graduation Traditions From Around The World


The high school graduation ceremony in many ways is considered a rite of passage. It commemorates making it through the early, grueling years of homework and science projects, and marks the beginning of a new educational adventure. Parents pony up … Read More

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20 Awesome Beer Infographics That Cover Almost Everything About Beer

Beer infographics - featured image

If you are like us and enjoy a cold one, you always find yourself looking for some cool info (and infographics) on beer. There’s nothing like grabbing a cold beer at the end of the week (or day, depending on … Read More

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Utilizing Scale: Making an Infographic Stand Out From the Crowd


An infographic has the power to lead it’s reader to do something different. It might make the viewer laugh, or learn, the possibilities are endless. Without care, an infographic can quickly become a monotonous sea of sameness, rendering the infographic viewer bored. Read More

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Whitespace: Say More With Less


Two chocolate shops A person viewing an infographic is a lot like a person going into a chocolate shop.  This shop has 150 unique, hand crafted, chocolate bars. This shop is renowned for the quality of its chocolate. You also … Read More

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Infographic Face: How To Choose a Font To Represent Your Data


Fonts are like fish in the sea There are a lot of typefaces in the sea of typography to choose from. There are many good ones and many more bad ones. Each day new fonts pop up. Because of this … Read More

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Quantity Vs. Quality: Letting Data Tell The Story


Tools of the Trade At the heart of every meaningful infographic is good data. What is good data? Good data is accurate. The purpose of an infographic is to inform and share data. How well this data is displayed affects … Read More

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Typography: The Written Instrument of The Mind


The Most Important Invention What is the most important invention? It is not the iPad, the iPhone or personal computer. It’s not even the internet, TV, or pizza. Though, in some part it relates to all of these, even pizza … Read More

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The Growth of Visual White Papers

visual white paper

Annual reports, spreadsheets, business growth plans, objective worksheets, and….white papers? This term, coming up more often in conversation seems to have the corner on the new business term of the year. But what do we really know about the white paper? And … Read More

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How Information and Big Data Are Revolutionizing the Spreadsheet

spreadsheet heading

Oh, the spreadsheet. What would we do without it? Used by millions on a daily basis from professional number crunchers to the college student in Math 101 even to the DIY wedding planner. I still remember my middle school class … Read More

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Signs, Pictographs and the Olympics: A Visual Universal Language

Olympic Rings

Have you ever wondered where our road signs come from? Or how the symbol of a girl in a dress means “women’s bathroom” around the world? Our world is surrounded by visual cues, and while the written language is useful, there are … Read More

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The Infographic Lense: How Data Visualization Helps Us Make Sense of Our Surroundings


Myopia At it’s heart, an infographic is a tool, that if used properly, helps us to understand the world we live in better. A couple years ago the world became a little blurry to me. I don’t mean this in … Read More

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