How Information and Big Data Are Revolutionizing the Spreadsheet

spreadsheet heading

Oh, the spreadsheet. What would we do without it? Used by millions on a daily basis from professional number crunchers to the college student in Math 101 even to the DIY wedding planner. I still remember my middle school class … Read More

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Signs, Pictographs and the Olympics: A Visual Universal Language

Olympic Rings

Have you ever wondered where our road signs come from? Or how the symbol of a girl in a dress means “women’s bathroom” around the world? Our world is surrounded by visual cues, and while the written language is useful, there are … Read More

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The Infographic Lense: How Data Visualization Helps Us Make Sense of Our Surroundings


Myopia At it’s heart, an infographic is a tool, that if used properly, helps us to understand the world we live in better. A couple years ago the world became a little blurry to me. I don’t mean this in … Read More

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Cavemen: The First Infographic Masters

Lascaux painting.preview

The Age of the Picture A picture tells a thousand words. That adage is often thrown around but holds more than just a shred of truth. Numerous studies have shown that including visuals along with a set of data will … Read More

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