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People are easily bored. Corporate messaging can be pretty boring. So, we take that message and add tons of research and art and color and design, thus un-borifying it. If we’ve done our jobs right (we always do) — people will Share, Like, Tweet and Pin it for their friends. Alchemy? Magic? Maybe. We just call it a darned good business model.

Why settle for style over substance when you can get both? Our researchers know how to blend stats, factoids and humor into well-written material that can easily be transformed to art.

What gets people reading your data? Eye appeal, of course. Good graphic design is the difference between “delete” and “forward,” ignore or “share.” We create graphical elements that make your data look beautiful without distracting from the information itself.

We’re tapped into every corner of the web, with contacts across the blogosphere and beyond. Our biggest value add, our distribution methods ensure that your collateral never collects digital dust.


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